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*There are no refunds or exchanges on custom chap orders. If you fail to put the correct measurements in and they do not fit we will not refund you your money.*

Paying for express shipping does not speed up production time on chaps!

Follow the steps through out the pictures at the top to find information and pictures for the Custom Chap Builder.

Step 1) Measure the Out-seam, Waist, and Thigh and input measurements up top. (Picture of how to measure shown above.) All MEASUREMENTS ARE IN INCHES

      a) Out-seam Measurement-While wearing your cowboy boots measure from the top of your belt all the way to the floor along the OUTSIDE of your leg. This is the exact measurement on how long your chaps will be with fringe at bottom

      b) Waist (This IS NOT your pants waist size)- This measurement is all the way around your waist just below your belt. (If you wear your chaps above your belt than measure just above your belt line)

      c) Thigh- Measure around the thickest part of your thigh  

Step 2) Select the colors for your chap. The first color: A) Chap main body color, will be the main color of the chap. The second color you choose will be the color of the chap's leg design. 

Step 3) Fringe Color - The A, B and Double Fringe options for this stand for the colors you selected earlier in Step 2. A means the fringe would match the chaps main body color. B means the fringe would match the chaps leg design color. Double fringe (which cost more) means your chaps will have both A & B colors for the fringe. 

Step 4) Tooling Options - Pictures of each tooling option are shown above with the other pictures. You can select from Floral with tooled background, floral with basket stamped background, a full basket stamp, floral, or none. If you select None then we will used colored leather for the yokes and billets. 

Step 5) Leg design -  Choose your leg design from the pictures above. If you wish to have a custom design, or anything else please call so we can talk in regards to what you would like to have made 260-748-7620.

Step 6) Number of Buckles - Most people select 3 buckles. A 4 buckle is usually for saddle bronc riders.

Step 7) Billet Style - Select from the pictures above. These will be colored leather unless you selected a tooling option from step 4. If the billet selection says 2-3 at the end of them it means they are a small billet and will have 2 -3 of the small billets depending on the size of the chap. The billets will also have a piece of colored leather underneath them that matches the leg design color or the underlay color.

Step 8) Backbelt - A regular backbelt is just a straight rectangle piece of leather. A large backbelt is a long rectangle piece of leather with a large oval in the center. A colored backbelt would be a long rectangle piece of colored leather that matches your chaps. 

Step 9) Tassels/conchos - Here you have 4 options: 1) No tassels which means there will be no tassels or conchos on your chaps (just the rivet that holds the legs strap). 2) Tassels which are pieces of leather that match your chap and cover up the rivets (refer to pictures for example). 3) Conchos with tassels are "Tassel Conchos" that you must choose your type on the "concho type" drop down bar. 4) Conchos are just conchos that are used to hold the leg strap pieces on chap, you must choose your type onthe "concho type" drop down bar. Refer to pictures above to see examples.   

Step 10) Concho Style- If you choose "No Tassels" Or "Tassels" you will need to select the "NONE" tab here. If you choose either "Tassel with Conchos" or "Conchos only" you will need to choose a concho from the pictures above. If you want conchos with tassels then please select a "Tassel Concho". If you select a non-slotted/tassel concho then there will be no tassels hanging from the Billets or conchos.

Step 11) Initial Type - No initials, Option 1 Normal letters, Option 2 Fancy Letters, Option 3 Backbelt (If you choose Option 3 backbelt letters you must choose the location in step 13 as "BACKBELT")

Step 12) Number of Initials - Choose the number of initials you would like none, 1, 2, or 3. Prices change depending on number of initials and location. 

Step 13) Initial Location - No initials, Left side, Right side, both sides or backbelt. 

Step 14) Initials - This is where you type in your initials you want to use. 

If you have any questions be sure to read all the information provided and check through all the pictures. If you still have any questions feel free to give us a call at 1-855-763-3648.

1 Review

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  • 4
    Custom Chaps

    Very well put together. Fit great and were delivered pretty fast and I’m stationed in Korea at the moment.

1 Review

  • 4
    Custom Chaps

    Very well put together. Fit great and were delivered pretty fast and I’m stationed in Korea at the moment.

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