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Flex Thin Pro Hydrotuff Bull Riding Vest

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$324.95 - $374.95


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We currently do have a couple of these vest in stock in common sizes: Small, Small Tall, Medium, Medium Tall. However, once we run out we will email you and let you know we did. Then the following information below would pertain to your order: 
Due to high demand we DO NOT HAVE THIS VEST IN STOCK!!! Our website will still let you purchase the vest, however your vest will ship a minimum of 10-12 weeks after you place your order. Paying for express shipments WILL NOT ELIMINATE THE TURNAROUND TIME. We will update this as soon as the supplier catches up with orders and we get our stock back to normal. Thanks!
How to Measure
  • Waist: Measure around your belly button NOT your pants waist size
  • Chest: Lift up arms measure all the way around chest area
  • Over The Shoulder: Measure from top of the belt in front, running up and over shoulder, to the top of the belt on backside (like suspenders).
  • For Tall sizes add 4” to the over the shoulder range.

                  Bull Riding

 Tall Sizes




Over the Shoulder

Adds 4” to Over the Shoulder


30 to 34”

33 to 38”

36 to 40”

40 to 44”


33 to 37”

37 to 42”

39 to 43”

43 to 47”


36 to 40"

41 to 46”

42 to 46”

46 to 50"


39 to 43”

45 to 50”

45 to 49”


  • We only stock the following sizes: Small, Small-Tall, Medium, & Medium Tall.
  • You can order a Large or XL vest; However, please note the vest must be made by the manufacturer and there is a 2-4 week production time once order is placed.
  • You may return all "New unused vests" within 30 days of purchase, but there is a $75.00 restocking fee on Large and XL sized vests NO exceptions.
      The Flex Thin Pro Vest is the best vest for the dollar. The Flex Thin Pro Hydrotuff Vest is a polyester/ballistic material used to optimize rugged and rough environments while still keeping great qualities such as durability and a professional sleek look. It is Ride Right’s best seller and is 30 percent thinner and more flexible than both the 1200 Series vest and Competitor Vest. Built with an updated version of Ride Right’s Impact Dispersing Shield TM (IDS Technology), the Flex Thin Pro provides riders with all the comfort and performance features they need to endure the gut-wrenching abuses of the rodeo arena. Zippered front for easy access. The zipper is backed with high-density foam and ballistic material to protect this small but vital area.



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