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Colored Signature Series Bull Rope (9x7, 3/4" full lace handle, 3/4" soft tail)

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MSRP: $304.95
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The Beastmaster Signature Series Bull Rope is the cream of the crop of bull ropes.   

Through extensive testing and experimentation, we have found the perfect combination of braid and knot size that produces a higher quality and durable bull rope.  Our Signature Series Bull Ropes also have a block that is double laced.  This helps in creating a bull rope that is stays stiff longer than most bull ropes, but still lays flat with no tipping or rolling.

Additionally, our Signature Series Bull Ropes are hand braided the last 18 inches of the tails to lessen the chances of the rider getting his spur caught in the tail while dismounting.  We have a wide range of ropes in stock. As with all Beastmaster Rodeo bull and steer ropes, each rope has reinforced handles and loops that are guaranteed not to twist.   

This rope is made of the double braided body material, which makes adjusting your bull rope super simple and easy. The double braided body (material) is a riders preferred choice in today's industry. It's easier to pull, your rope wont twist, and easier to adjust before you ride. All Beastmaster Rodeo’s Signature Series Bull Ropes are hand braided with high quality material and attention to detail. 


Details of this Rope:

Overall Specifications:           Handle Specifications:          Tail Specifications:          Other Specifications:

Type: Signature Series              Handle Plat: 9 Plat                  Tail Plats: 7 Plat                 Loop: Double Braided Body with Keepers

Length: 16’ Pro Bull                   Handle Width: 3/4"                 Tail Width: 3/4”                 Wear Strip: Yes

                                               Handle Lace: Full                    Tail Texture: Soft

Benefits to colored bull rope material:

  • Doesn't twist
  • Easier to pull
  • Easier to adjust bull rope to animal

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