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Toy Chaps

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***Discontinuing. Limited quantities available.***

Kids Toy Rodeo Chaps! Big Country Rodeo Chaps are perfect for pretend rodeo play. Simply buckle the straps around your waist and legs and you are ready to ride like the pros. Toy Rodeo Chaps can be worn for about any rodeo or horse show application.

Whether your little one is watching a rodeo event or just playing around the house, the Toy Rodeo Chaps are a fun dress up piece for kids that dream of being a rodeo star one day. Designed for kids ages 3-9 years old. 

Pair the Toy Rodeo Chaps with the Toy PBR Rodeo Vest for the ultimate rodeo get-up! SOLD SEPARATELY

Perfect for dress up and Halloween costumes.

**The measurements below are taken directly from our chaps. Please measure your child to ensure you are buying the proper size.**

Size Age Waist  Length  Thigh
Small  3 20" - 26" 19" 12" - 18"
Medium  4 - 6 25" - 30" 23" 13" - 19"
Large 7 - 9 30" - 36" 30 14" - 20"


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