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Competitor Youth Vest - Non Ballistic

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MSRP: $174.95
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Currently have limited quantities in each size in stock. Please note if we do not have the vest in stock after you place an order you will receive a email the next business days letting you know there is a 8-12 week production time. At that time you have the option to cancel or go with a different vest we have in stock. 
How to Measure (measure in inches)
  • Waist: Measure around your belly button NOT pant waist size
  • Chest: Lift up arms measure all the way around chest area
  • Over The Shoulder: Measure from top of the belt in front, running up and over shoulder, to the top of the belt on backside (like suspenders).

Competitor Youth Vest - Measured in Inches




Over the Shoulder


18 to 22”

19 to 24”

28 to 32”


21 to 25”

22 to 27”

31 to 35”


24 to 28”

25 to 31”

34 to 38”


Competitor Youth Vest Ballistic/None Ballistic Option

Ballistic material is a liner in vest created to spread shock from impact of hooves and horns during ride/competition. We strong recommend that if you are riding animals over 700 lbs to go with the "Ballistic Option"

Non Ballistic is recommended for Mutton Busting and Calf Riding Events

Ballistic is recommended for Steer Riding events and up

  • The perfect beginner/starter vest
  • This vest focuses on safety and value. This 3-piece design uses the same protective materials as Ride Right's Elite and Pro-Style models but it has plain fronts with exposed metal zipper
  • Each front side has a pocket and the back has a yoke with number tabs. Finished edges are single top-stitched
  • Available in black polyduct material, which is a synthetic poly material

All Ride Right Vests are AMERICAN MADE!

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