Bull Rope Pads

Bull Rope Pads


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Featuring a no slip design, Beastmaster Rodeo’s Supreme Pro Bull Rope Pad allows for greater control before and during the ride. Through two Alum Tanned leather laces, the Supreme Pro Bull Rope Pad can be laced much tighter than with standard buckles, velcro, or tie straps. This helps to alleviate and prevent slipping from the right to left and front to back. All aspects of Beastmaster Rodeo’s Supreme Pro Bull Rope Pad are designed to increase the control and comfort of the rider. With a riser intended to lift up the hand, you will also experience increased command of both the rope and the ride.

All of Beastmaster Rodeo’s Pro and Jr. Bull Pads are handcrafted with high quality leather over high density foam and are available in assorted colors.

No Slip Design

Handcrafted with High Quality Leather

4″ x 14″ Pro High Density Foam Pad

Prevents Slipping Right to Left and Front to Back

Laces Tighter than Standard Buckles, Velcro, or Tie Straps

Assorted Colors Available