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Pro Series Bull Rope (9x7, 7/8" full lace handle, 1" soft tail)

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MSRP: $264.95
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The Pro Bull Rope Series rope is a great rope for all levels of competition. Some key features are the smaller block, sturdy handle, and the body of this rope is laced together to aid in your rope not twisting along with help preventing you from hanging a spur in the body of your rope while you ride. The traditional brown poly material is what the industry standard is for a good quality poly bull rope. Thus making the tail of all Beastmaster Ropes very consistent and desirable. All Beastmaster Rodeo’s Pro Bull Ropes are hand braided with high quality material and attention to detail.   

As with all Beastmaster Rodeo adult and youth bull ropes, each rope has reinforced handles and loops that are guaranteed not to twist. 

Overall Specifications:       Handle Specifications:            Tail Specifications:          Other Specifications:

Type: Traditional Pro             Handle Plat: 9 Plat                      Tail Plats: 7 Plat               Loop: Lace

Length: 16’ Pro Bull                Handle Width: 7/8”                      Tail Width: 1"                   Wear Strip: Yes

                                        Handle Lace: Full                        Tail Texture: Soft

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