Polaris Giveaway


Shop November 22nd through December 31st

and you'll be automatically be entered to win a Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O*!



 Each purchase gets you extra entries:

Spend $1 - $49 = 5 entries

Spend $50 - $100 = 10 entries 

Each addtional $100 spent = 10 entries

* Details:  

- Polaris Sportsman 450 H.0 at suggested MSRP Price $6,699.00 or under. 
- The winner is responsible for paying for the state and sales tax

- The winner is responsible for paying any costs related to transportation, delivery, warranty, customization, etc. 
- The buyout price is $4000.00 if the winner decides against the Polaris Sportsman 450 H.0.
- The winner is responsible for finding a local dealer to purchase from.

- Beastmaster is not responsible for time in which it takes to receive the product.
- The winner has 30 days after the announcement to find a local dealer and get the purchasing started or to take the buy out.

- After 30 days the prize and the buy out will be void

- No purchase necessary, please mail your entry to Beastmaster Rodeo: Attn: Nic Lica - Polaris Giveaway to 2402 Meyer Rd Fort Wayne IN 46803

- Mail in entries: One per person. Mutiple mail in entries will not be counted. Mail in entries equal one entry. 

- If you make a purchase between November 22nd - December 31st, you will automatically be entered to win and will not need to mail in an entry.