Old Style Beastmaster Roughstock Riding Boots- Brown

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Old Style B-8006
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Sizing - Beastmaster Rough Stock Boots are in a "E" Width

  • If you wear a "D" width and like the way your boots fit then go down a 1/2" in our boot.
         Example: You wear a 10D you would want a size 9 1/2" in our boots
  • If you are riding broncs in our boots and you want them to have some play in the heel so they come off easier, order them true to fit.
         Example: You wear a size 10D, then you want in our boot a size 10 
  • If you wear a size EE then you will want to go up a 1/2" size. 
         Example: You wear a 10EE then you wear a 10 1/2" E in our boot


  • Used for bareback, saddle bronc bull riding, roping, ranch work, special occasions and much more
  • Small Square Toe
  • Leather Sole Bottoms
  • Full Welt Sole - which means that the sole is flat where the stirrup would lay when riding a saddle bronc, creating a better ride
  • Spur Ledge - allows for spurs to rest properly on boots
  • Re-enforced Heel - made of bull shoulder provides strength and support from spurs to heel
  • 2" Heel
  • 10" Tops

Any other questions about these boots feel free to contact us 260-748-7620

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