Brazilian Colored Ultimate Steer Rope

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The Brazilian style bull rope has become very popular in today's bull riding community, so we decided to come out with Brazilian style youth ropes. Essentially Brazilian style bull ropes pull from the opposite side and you take your wrap backwards than an American style rope. One of the main benefits to an Brazilian style rope is that the pressure of the rope when pulled tight pulls your hand towards your block, thus riders claim that Brazilian style ropes tend to pull you back to center while riding. Another is that you tend to see less hang ups in a Brazilian style rope. 

The double braided body (material) is a rider's preferred choice in today's industry both adult and youth. It's easier to pull, your rope doesn't twist, it doesn't seem to stretch as much, and it's easier to adult before your ride.  

Benefits to colored bull rope material:

  • Doesn't twist
  • Easier to pull
  • Easier to adjust bull rope to animal

Parents that want to ensure their younger riders have the safest and most effective gear choose Beastmaster Rodeo’s youth ropes.  This is a great rope for young riders to start out on, it offers plenty of support in the block, yet isn't braided so hard that it will damage small arms and joints. 

Overall Specifications:     Handle Specifications:                      Tail Specifications:        Other Specifications:

Type: American Brazilian          Handle Plat: 9 Plat                                Tail Plats: 7 Plat                Loop: Nylon Body

Length: 12’ Pro Bull              Handle Width: 3/4”                               Tail Width: 3/4”                Wear Strip: Yes

                                          Handle Lace: Full Lace                           Tail Texture: Soft              Keepers: Yes



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