1000 Series Leather Saddle Bronc Vest

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We currently do not stock this vest, so it will have to be made and shipped directly from the manufacture.

Estimated shipping time is 1-3 weeks after order is placed.

If you pay for faster shipping it does not speed up the production/shipping time. There is a restocking fee of $75 on Large & Large-Tall vests orders no exceptions. 

Please note any color other than black is considered a custom vest and no returns accepted along with the estimated production/shipping time is 2-4 weeks.

Vest Sizing Chart

Waist: Defined as the largest area, typically around the navel.
Chest: Defined as the largest area around chest.
Over The Shoulder: Defined as beginning at top of the belt in front, running up and over shoulder, to the top of the belt on backside (like you were clipping on suspenders).

For Tall sizes add 4” to the over the shoulder range.

           Saddle Bronc/ Bareback

 Tall Sizes




Over the Shoulder

Adds 4” to Over the Shoulder


30 to 33”

34 to 37”

36 to 40”

40 to 44”


32 to 35”

36 to 39”

39 to 43”

43 to 47”


34 to 37 “

38 to 41”

42 to 46”

46 to 50"

One-piece design (fronts are sewn to the back), sharp western cut with double top-stitched seams. Large arm holes & narrow chest allows for "shoulder forward" riding without vest compression for better arm movement. Zippered front for easy on/off (zipper area protected with additional high density foam and ballistic material), Very light weight, weighs in at less than 2 pounds.  Breakaway shoulder's separate and attach with hook and loop fastening. Buckles and webbing straps at sides prevent ride-up. Pro-rodeo necessities include:  Breakaway shoulders, number tabs, front pockets. 1000 Series vest have no tail.




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